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Should rich countries pay ‘climate reparations’? Why the debate is on the COP27 agenda, NBC News, 2022

As cities adapt to rising temperatures, some are deepening the climate crisis, gal-dem, 2022

How can we effectively deal with eco-fascism?, gal-dem, 2022

Hyperfocusing on Afghan women and girls isn’t the feminist take you think it is, Bitch Media, 2021

Why feminist solidarity with Afghanistan is about more than women and girls, gal-dem, 2021

The ethnic cleansing theme park, Tribune Magazine, 2021

I worked as an in-person private tutor over lockdown. Was my job really “essential?”, HuffPost, 2021

Remembering Nawal El Saadawi, Tribune Magazine, 2021

The disquieting rise of the tiny home, Prospect, 2021

Selling Sunset as Los Angeles burns, It’s Freezing in LA!, 2020

The antagonistic relationship between public art and luxury housing, Elephant, 2020

Why we should question ‘self-care’ on Queer Eye, Dazed, 2019


Nicole Flattery’s ‘Nothing Special’ tackles authorship inside Andy Warhol’s factory, Frieze, 2023 

Magnus von Horn’s “Sweat” collects the salty tears of influencers, Frieze, 2021

Gwenyth Paltrow on food stamps: sex work, suburbia and “Shiva Baby”, the Quietus, 2021

‘The Anthropocene Unconscious’ by Mark Bould, It’s Freezing in LA!, 2021


James Matt Hanson on “Reprieve”, Bad Form, 2021

“We sneak social housing in round the back” an interview with Peter Barber, It’s Freezing in LA!, 2021